Should Kevin Durant Get More Respect Now?

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That’s the big question or not? I mean he did just win his first NBA title vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. But is that enough to say to give him the respect he thinks he deserves? Hmmm! Many will say heck yeah he it is, he’s a great player and so on. And yes that is indeed true, he is one of the best in the game hands down. Top 3! 

Now here’s where the respect question gets answered correctly. Kevin Durant who at the time was with the Oklahoma Thunder losses the 2016 western conference finals to the Golden State Warriors after being up 3-1 in the series needing only 1 more win to advance to the NBA finals. Showing that him and OKC had enough fire power to overcome the power of the warriors. Instead the warriors comeback and beat them to advance to the NBA Finals to face LeBron James and his Cavs. 2017 season comes KD now joins the Warriors??? Isn’t that the team who belittled and crushed your heart, and you still join them. The same team who the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated to win the 2016 NBA title. 

The difference between LeBron and KD? LeBron didn’t loose to Miami and then join them, no. He went to Miami and built a team and won 2 championships. KD well he actually joined a team who beat him and so he felt since I can’t beat these guys I’ll just join them. So he did and ended up winning a championship with them.

So don’t point the finger at LeBron saying because of him is the reason there are superteams, because you’re wrong. Don’t forget about the celtics when they had Garnet, Allen and Pierce. That was just the excuse you had to join a team who you felt you couldn’t compete with because they beat you 2 times. When in reality you actually could have beating them with Russell in OKC. Or join a team like the clippers who you could have played with to defeat the warriors. So as you readers can see, no KD still doesn’t  get the respect he deserves. You jumped on the wrong ship. So please don’t think you and LeBron are even cause your not. And like I said a gre

at player yes, fantastic player. But without respect. Lebrons legacy is to heavy for you.

How to Trade the weekend Gap in the Forex Market.

The best and easiest way to trade weekend gaps in the forex market is by leaving pending orders open before the market closes on Friday. By pending orders I mean buy stops and sell stops. The reason is many pairs tend to gap up or gap down when the market opens back up come Sunday 5pm. 

By leaving pending orders open like a buy or sell stop you have the opportunity to be in profit as soon as the market opens up. So for instance I left a sell stop pending order opened this Friday June 30, 2017 for the AudUsd pair. In the example below you will see price closed at 0.76874 and my sell stop was set at 0.76703 about 17pips below where price closed. 

Now let’s say when the market opens up that the price gaps down 50pips minus my 17pip sell stop at 0.76703 and my lot size was set at 1.0, I am now in profit about $300+. If the market wasn’t to gap down but goes up some more to retest previous resistance  then I wouldn’t have to worry because my sell stop pending order didn’t get activated.

So just imagine having multiple pending orders ready to be activated  for when market gaps down or up depending on your analysis you’ve done with the pair you trade. You could be done for the week. Now that’s something to think about right.

I did it with AudUsd but best pairs to trade the weekend gaps would be with currencies that have a high ADR aka Average Daily Range, which means a high amount of pip’s daily. Like the Yen pairs and GBP pairs.

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The Forex Pattern That Doesn’t Fail & And Pays Up…

The image below is what the pattern looks like. This is Gold by the way on the 4hr timeframe. Happens all the time with out hesitation. I call it the 123 pattern. And in the image below you can clearly see why. Now as you can see this chart I marked it up, showing where consolidation zones are and also showing the next potential move that needs to be done for completion of the pattern. In the next image you will see that 3rd drop towards the direction the arrow is pointing to.

Image #2

As you can see in image #2, below the 123 pattern is complete. And when it completes it then starts to reverse and at most times it will go up 3 short levels to then come back down to continue that downtrend as we see in the images 1 and 2. At other times when it reverses we will get the 123 pattern going the other way, in this instance going up for 3 long levels. In images 1 and 2 you can see what I’m talking about.

More to come, more information on where to get in to catch massive pips and why you shouldn’t be trading during consolidation…